Blackberry Circle

Get a Sweet Taste of that Old Religion

Blackberry Charge of the Goddess

My children, who are gathered before me, know me, see me, feel me, and live in me, for I live in you.

I am the moon that smiles the silvery light upon you.

I am the first blossoms of spring, I am the warmth of the summer breeze, I am the harvested grain and I am the desolation of winter.

I am the sweetest of the blackberries and I am the bramble that bites.

I am the Earth that gives you fruit and the same Earth that swallows cities.

In My name you shall laugh in love, and in My name you shall cry in sorrow.

For I am all that is in the beginning and all there is in the end. From My belly you are born and into My body you shall be received and from that dark womb you shall be reborn.

My Mysteries surround you but only those who diligently work through the cuts and pains of the thorns may know the sweet ripening on their tongue.

Arise My children and look into My eyes. See My body in the mountains, feel My blood in the oceans and hear my breath on the wind. I am all around you and I am in you. I AM you.

Show compassion to others and show compassion to yourself, for then you show compassion to me.

Honour others and honour yourself, for then you honour Me.

Love others and love yourself, for then you love Me.

Worship others and worship yourself, for then you worship Me.

Live with strength, humility, mirth and reverence. Love with abandon. Laugh till it hurts. Cry until there are no more tears. Only in living to the fullest and without constraint can you truly know my love for you.

And the greatest Mystery I can give you is this. That which you cannot find within yourself, you will never find without. Until you can find yourself in Me, I will remain invisible to you.

Woman and Moon