Blackberry Circle

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Beltane 2019 – 21+ only

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Join Blackberry Circle for an adult celebration of Beltane, May 4th, 2019. This is our one ritual per year that is not kid friendly in any way, so we require participants to be 21+ years of age.

This year we will be celebrating the infamous lips. No, not those lips you pervert, well, maybe… Anyway, this year’s theme is Rocky Horror Picture Show. If you want to show up in costume, fantastic! Think “Annual Transylvania Convention.”

If you don’t show up in costume, well, that one is on you.

Arrival will be at 5:00 PM with ritual at 6:00 PM. Following the ritual will be feasting (bring something to share), games devised by twisted minds, and general adult fun. An adult pirate gift exchange will take place, so if you want to play (hee hee, I said play) bring an item of your choosing that will cause absolute hilarity or a fight over it. There will also be a raffle/silent auction for various items made or donated by the coven.

Blackberry Circle coven reserves the right to check IDs and to cut you off and/or ask you to leave if you go too far with the frivolities or do not respect boundaries. Remember, no means no.

Again, this is a 21+ only gathering. Be sure to bring:

  • An item for pot luck feast
  • A lawn chair to sit in (we don’t have that many)
  • An item for the adult pirate gift exchange, if you want to play
  • Your own adult beverages
  • Money for raffle/silent auction
  • An uninhibited sense of fun

Our Facebook event page can be found at

Blackberry Circle rituals are an outside event, and as such there is a possibility that you may come in contact with various critters that range from irritating to plain evil. In addition, the land is not concrete smooth by any means and there may be holes, roots, or other impediments out there.