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Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Required Code of Conduct at Blackberry Circle events

Blackberry Circle recognizes the uniqueness of those who follow the various Pagan faiths. We encourage free thinking, debate, discussion, but most of all, enjoyment and communion with those who are of like mind and faith. With this in mind we have developed these Codes of Conduct that will be followed by all attendees to any Blackberry Circle event.

Blackberry Circle believes that its events should, with few exceptions, be a family oriented event, and of course family includes the children. Children are not only welcomed to most events but are encouraged to attend so they may also take part in the celebrations and learn the Mysteries as They unfold.

Even though they are welcomed it is still the responsibility of the parents to watch over and keep an eye on them.

  • No child is to be left alone or out of their parent’s view without the parent first making arrangements with someone to watch over their child.
  • Members of Blackberry Circle will not watch your children unless they give their expressed agreement to do so. There is no implied “babysitting” services.
  • The Blackberry Circle Covenstead is an out of doors venue and as such we cannot guarantee that the land will be 100% safe or danger free. We take reasonable precautions to provide a safe area for attendees but we are not responsible for your child getting into something they should not.

Again, Blackberry Circle seeks to provide a venue of open thought and philosophical discussions. We understand that people take their personal ideas and beliefs, well, personally. We also recognize the sexuality that is inherent in nature and our beliefs, but there should be limits to what is allowed in an open venue.

  • You will respect the other attendees at all times. Even if there is “bad blood” between you, respect and civil actions will be the rule. Remember, to disrespect someone is not only showing a lack of respect for that person, but also for Blackberry Circle, its members, your religion, and more specifically, yourself.
  • You will respect the boundaries of the other attendees. If you approach them and they appear uncomfortable then respect that and do not invade their space.
  • Do not sexually harass other attendees. While jokes and sexual innuendos may be present at times, touching inappropriately or pressuring someone sexually will not be permitted and you will be asked to leave and not return. Our sexuality is to be celebrated and enjoyed, not demeaned or “conquered.” In our world “No” still means no.
  • Understand that there are those in attendance who may be at their first ritual ever. Also understand there are those who may have been practicing longer than you have been alive. Each type, and those in between, are all respected for their opinion, ideas and experiences and will not be demeaned for those opinions, ideas or experiences. We are all students and we all have more to learn. You just never know from where that lesson may come.
  • Do not come with the sole idea of disrupting the event or services. The Pagan community is full of strong-willed individuals who may not like other groups, or what other groups are doing, but that does not give license to disrupt their events.

We have a separate page addressing our drug and alcohol policy, but basically, if it is illegal, it ain’t welcome. If you get too drunk, you ain’t welcome.

Blackberry Circle Covenstead is an outside venue. Because of the wonderful characteristics of nature there may be obstructions such as branches, tree roots, dips and holes in the ground that may cause injury. There is also various wildlife such as ants, mosquitoes, spiders, snakes, et cetera that may bite or sting and cause an anaphylactic reaction.

Another thing to consider is the weather. During the summer it is very hot. During the winter it can be very cold. In this part of Texas it may rain at any time. Dress accordingly. You should also consider bringing a camping or lawn chair to the event as well so you have a place to sit down unless you just like the ground.

The Blackberry Circle Tradition believes that each of the Sabbats, Esbats, handfastings, as well as other life events are celebrations, and for that reason we ask that you Celebrate! during the events.

  • Humour is an integral part of our rituals and celebrations. If you are unable to laugh not only at others, but also at yourself, then please stop by Wal-Mart on the way to the event to buy yourself a sense of humour.
  • If for some reason you are not able to buy a sense of humour, Blackberry Circle has a few extra ones that can be loaned to you, but only with the expressed agreement that you keep it. We do not want used humour returned.
  • There are times you may be the focus of a bit of humour. Do not take offense by it if it seems to simply be in fun and there is truly no maliciousness behind it.