Blackberry Circle

Get a Sweet Taste of that Old Religion


Calendar of Events

The public Sabbats dates for 2020 have not yet been determined.  We will be posting the dates sometime in early January 2020.

Imbolc – TBD

Vernal Equinox – TBD

Beltaine (21+ years only) – TBD

Midsummer – TBD

Lughnassadh – TBD

Autumn Equinox – TBD

Samhain – TBD

Yule – TBD


Blackberry Circle is located at 1200 Foster Drive, Conroe, Texas 77301

** Notice and Disclaimer **

** All public rituals are open to the public and anyone is welcome to attend so long as they respect the space and other people there. (See our page on the Code of Conduct)

** Please DO NOT bring your fur children, although your furless ones ARE welcome to all rituals unless otherwise specified.

** A potluck feast follows all rituals, so bring something you would like to share with others.

**  BBC events are always held outside, unless otherwise specified.  With that in mind please be aware that the ground is uneven, there are ants, bugs, mosquitoes, and other critters we may not be aware of.  Attendance is at your own risk even though we attempt to limit any problems.

** Please bring a camping chair or other chair to sit in when not in ritual. Your arse will get tired eventually and we really don’t have enough chairs for everyone that may attend.